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Mo Cairo

fra OSLO

Mo Cairo is an Electronic Music DJ ​/​ Producer since 2007, Based In Oslo since May 2022 previously Odessa, ​ Ukraine. Mo Cairo DJ set catches a lot of attention because of its deep atmospheric & mesmerizing positive energy ​, ​ smooth transitions and harmonic mixing that takes the crowd into an unforgettable journey throughout the set. Mo Cairo as a producer gave him a cutting edge as a DJ as he can perform live Hybrid sets...

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Mo Cairo music has been noticed and appreciated by many record labels​, ​promoters & online music platforms.
To name a few:
Lost on You (France)
Awen Records (Spain)
[DTR] Recordings (Argentina)
Somatic Records (United Kingdom)
Ethereal Eternity (Netherland)
Platform Minimal (United Kingdom)
White Nights Tulum (Kiev, ​Ukraine )
Cube Records UA (Kiev, ​Ukraine )
2Bseen (Dnipro, ​Ukraine )
Midnight Point (Dnipro Ukraine)
Blue Line Events (Egypt)


  •  Mo Cairo - Deep Inside (Original Mix) / Melodic Techno
  •  Mo Cairo - Himalaya EP / Techno
  •  Mo Cairo - DJ set - Deep Underground Techno